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City of Compton Helps Residents Find Jobs Through CareerLink

The City of Compton, also known as “Hub City” is one of L.A. County’s many cities that is leading the way in their efforts to transform and revitalize their community, attract business, and raise standards of living for their residents.

As a finalist for LAEDC’s 2016 “Most Business-Friendly City in Los Angeles County” Award, Compton has shown that greater business friendliness and public engagement creates just the right environment for local businesses to succeed. This commitment to “actively involve the business community in shaping and implementing effective innovative economic development and growth initiatives that will make Compton a world class and next generation City,” (City of Compton), has led to a transformation of the local community, and has brought greater economic prosperity to many of Compton’s neighborhoods.

Marshalls conducts interviews at CareerLink

Monthly town hall meetings help residents and business owners share their concerns with community and government representatives, and the City’s business loan programs, online permit portal, and business roundtables that seek input for new initiatives further demonstrate Compton’s “open for business” attitude. One example of Compton’s most successful business resources and residential programs is CareerLink – a full service human resources center that provides businesses with free recruitment, interview and placement services to encourage local hiring.

CareerLink works closely with local and regional businesses to determine the workforce development services required to expand their business. CareerLink also provides local residents job search, placement assistance, and skills training, to better connect local talent with open work opportunities. During 2013-2014 fiscal years, CareerLink assisted 6,441 career seekers, and provided job readiness and paid work experience services to 280 Compton Youth. Currently, CareerLink posts 10-12 local opportunities weekly, with job notification announcements through a newly created CareerLink app.

The City of Compton has clearly demonstrated that it is a rising leader and example for the region of what can be done when a city makes significant investments in programs and initiatives that propel its businesses, people, and economy forward.

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