Propelling LA to Economic Success: The Future of Work


Labor supply and labor demand are increasingly becoming a matter of priority for educational institutions (the supply side) and companies large and small (the demand side). The need to integrate and align these two is the focus of regional workforce development efforts, and a driving force behind Propel L.A. However, as we build the workforce to meet the demands of the business community, how do we also ensure job growth in livable-wage jobs, as well as available workforce-based housing?

The Propel L.A. Plan seeks to address all of these issues facing LA County’s 10 million residents.

Hear from a panel of experts in workforce development, housing, infrastructure development, emerging industries, and economics as they provide an overview of the work that needs to be done to prepare our communities for current and future demands, while also providing foundations to improve quality of life.

Powered by LAEDC, Propel L.A. represents the 10 million voices of LA County, implementing 7 shared goals in our Countywide Strategic Plan to improve quality of life for all residents. Developed with over 500 partners and stakeholders, our purpose is to advance opportunity and prosperity for all, through connecting resources to education, job creation, and livable communities.


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