ParkScore of Los Angeles City

What is ParkScore?
ParkScore is an index that analyzes public access to existing parks and open space.  Developed by the Trust for Public Land (TPL), ParkScore attributes each of the 100 largest U.S. cities up to 100 points in how well it is meeting its residents’ need for parks.

How do we rank?
The City of Los Angeles scored 41.5 points out of 100 in ParkScore and was ranked 75th amongst the 100 largest U.S. cities in 2017.  Open the 2017 ParkScore Report.

There is currently no ParkScore available at the county level.

Why are parks so important?
“Close-to-home opportunities to exercise and experience nature are essential for our physical and mental well-being.  Studies show that parks encourage physical activity, reduce crime, revitalize local economies, and help bring neighborhoods together” (ParkScore, n.d.).