Business Licenses Granted Per City

A strategy in the 2016-2020 Countywide Strategic Plan is to support the vitality of local businesses in the 88 cities of Los Angeles County.  From Propel L.A.’s survey on economic development and business friendliness, it is estimated that about 1,150 new business licenses and about 4,150 business license renewals were granted per city in 2017.  Analysis is based on 90% confidence level.

Why business license?
Business licenses serve as an indicator of a region’s business vitality.  Almost all cities in Los Angeles County require business owners to obtain a license prior to commencing operations, and thereafter, an annual renewal to continue operations.  Business owners must consider numerous factors relating to the region prior to operating a business, including demographics, local ordinances, infrastructure, image, etc. Therefore, the number of business licenses in a region indicates the health of its local businesses.