Career Pathways Video Series for High School Students

Videos featuring high-demand jobs in LA County, providing a livable wage, with a pathway of either an AA or Bachelor’s degree.

Through the work of the LA County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) and the research of the Institute for Applied Economics, Propel L.A. is launching HireEd Career Pathways Video Series in partnership with the LA County Office of Education and with funding from the Center for a Competitive Workforce, representing the 19 LA County community colleges.

This series is designed to provide middle and high school students with information on finding careers that are in high demand in LA County – industries where employers are seeking trained workers. Each video will feature an Associate’s degree career pathway, and a Bachelor’s degree career pathway, both offering a livable wage job.

Through the 7 Goals, Propel L.A. seeks to capture the power of our many stakeholders and partnerships to propel economic impact and equity in ways that touch all of LA County’s residents. Goal 1: Invest In Our People, from Prenatal to Post-Career, to Provide Greater Opportunity, specifically identifies the need to provide career path information and better inform students in underserved communities.

A new video will be available monthly, to be used throughout the school year.

If you’d like to learn how you can use the HireEd videos for your classroom, please contact Collette Hanna at [email protected] or 213-236-4838.

The HireEd Difference

We realize there’s a lot of information available to direct students on a career pathway. Here’s what different about HireEd:

  • A range of careers will be highlighted over the 8-video series, designed to appeal to the broad spectrum of student interests
  • Only careers that are in high demand and pay well will be included
  • Each video will feature young professionals, representing the diversity in the LA region
  • The videos are only 3-4 minutes in length, to be used during homeroom or a CTE class
  • Accompanying written materials highlighting video content will be available as handouts for students

Thank you to our generous sponsors and partners

Film and Entertainment Careers: Set Lighting Technician; Sound Editor

The entertainment industry, more specifically the film industry, is primarily tasked with the production and distribution of motion pictures and TV shows. This includes cinematography, animation, sound editing, writing, post-production and many others.

Education Careers: Orientation & Mobility Instructor; STEM Teacher

The education field consists of public and private schools, ranging from from pre-school to high school, college and vocational education.

Bioscience Career

Careers in bioscience combine chemistry or engineering principles with medical sciences to design and create equipment, devices, computer systems, and software used in healthcare or medical research.

Supplemental Information to come.

Web Design Career

Professionals who specialize in web design will organize information, create content and design the layout of the content on a web medium. It is the designer’s job to review the needs of their client or the goals of the project to design images and web pages that will create a user with a unique experience while still communicating a message.

Supplemental Information to come.

Construction Careers: Electrician; Construction Manager

The construction industry deals with the preparation of properties, buildings, roads and utilities. There are many careers involved in construction, many of which are on the rise in the LA region.

Transportation Careers: Transportation Planner; A&P Mechanic

Jobs in the transportation industry include the movement of passengers and cargo, warehousing and storage for goods, and support activities related to rail, buses, trucks, cars, bicycles, etc.

Healthcare Careers: Registered Nurse; Radiology Technician

Work in the healthcare field can be with small, neighborhood clinics or in large hospitals with multiple departments and services.

Supplemental Information to come.

Engineering Careers: Draftsperson; Industrial Engineer

Engineering includes drafting technicians, and different engineering professions including civil, software, biochemical, industrial, and others.

Supplemental Information to come.

Logistics Career: Logistics Hub Planner

Work in logistics includes working in a warehouse for shippers and companies that distribute products locally and around the world, and managing the process so that packages arrive to the right location and on time.

Supplemental Information to come.

Thank you to our partners, LAEDC and the LA County Office of Education