“Our love for life can propel us to share and provide a secure future for the children of our country.”

~ Edward James Olmos, actor, native Angeleno

Get Involved

Only by getting involved can we raise standards of living by increasing economic opportunity and regional prosperity – to propel LA forward!

You can get involved in our collaborative approach to Activate LA through volunteering, becoming a sponsor or partner, donating, or even telling us your story and how it’s reflective of one of our 7 Goals.

Together, we can promote a more globally competitive, prosperous and growing LA County economy to improve the health and well-being of our residents and communities, and enable those residents to meet their basic human need for livable wage jobs.

Join us to Propel L.A.!

Ways to Get Involved

Share Your Voice

Propel L.A. is about hearing from you – the residents, employees, businesses, nonprofits, and organizations of LA County. We want to hear your story. How have you seen one of our 7 Goals make a difference in your life or the life of someone you know? How has your organization made an impact in your community? What city is exhibiting best practices to open doors to business and enhanced quality of life for its residents?

Share it with us. We want to help tell the stories that make up the vibrant life of LA County.

Volunteer Now!

The Propel L.A. team needs your help! Sign-up below to volunteer and help us Activate LA. You can help with your writing skills, design, photography, teaching, tutoring, organizing…we’re looking for advocates and “propellers” to Propel L.A. forward!

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Become a Sponsor!

Why invest in Propel L.A.? For an effective effort, we need to spread the word about the Strategic Plan. Help us advance the objectives and strategies developed in support of this vital work. Your sponsorship places your organization at the table with industry leaders, stakeholders, and elected officials.

As more people engage, more will be accomplished.

Become an Implementation Partner!

We all have a role to play in the implementation and success of this plan. Partnership with Propel L.A. directly supports this mission and connects like-minded organizations to ensure a strong, diverse and sustainable economy for LA County’s residents and communities. This Strategic Plan will require shared responsibility, added capacity, and coordinated action by many organizations and individuals.

Play a vital role in Propel L.A.’s mission.

Sign Up for Updates

Sign up to learn more about the Strategic Plan for Economic Development with updates, news about key issues affecting the LA County economy, and highlights of Propel L.A. initiatives.

Your engagement is vital to our collaboratively developed, collectively implemented implementation process!

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