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About Propel L.A.

The Countywide Strategic Plan for Economic Development is an ambitious plan – and for good reason. An unprecedented economic transition is underway, and we all need to row together to navigate the changing tide.

The LAEDC’s first Strategic Plan for Economic Development was for 2010-2014, and many great things were accomplished. However, the capacity to do good work was limited by the lack of a dedicated staff team to support the many organizations involved in various initiatives around the County, and to report on the significant accomplishments being achieved.

Join us as we work together to propel LA forward!

Meet the “Propellers”!

The Propel L.A. team is dedicated to the implementation of the new 2016-2020 Countywide Strategic Plan for Economic Development – ensuring  the goals are implemented and the successes of our efforts and our partners are reported on and highlighted. With the collaboration of over 500 partners in 26 meetings, community leaders and stakeholders helped create our region’s five-year strategic plan for economic development. Our 7 goals will propel LA into a new economy, with exciting job opportunities and improved standards of living.

Contact Info

Address: 444 S. Flower Street, 37th Floor, Los Angeles CA 90071 Phone: Phone: (213) 622-4300

Marianne Haver Hill
Executive Director
[email protected]

I am excited to be leading a great team in the implementation of the 2016-2020 Countywide Strategic Plan for Economic Development!

My previous leadership roles have given me the opportunity to bring together hundreds of stakeholders from every sector of Los Angeles around critical issues, and this kind of collaborative work is essential to the Plan’s success.

Previously, I served from 1987 – 2016 as the CEO of MEND–Meet Each Need with Dignity, one of the largest and most comprehensive poverty relief agencies in LA. During that time, MEND grew from serving about 2,000 clients in-need each month to helping 37,000 applicants monthly, utilizing a volunteer work force of 5,000+ and a staff of 34. MEND was named the 2012 California Nonprofit of the Year by the Governor’s Office.

I’m happily married to Dr. Randall Hill, the proud mom of two awesome kids, Austin and Aria, along with two smart and sassy cats, Leo and Olivia. One of my favorite activities in LA is attending movie nights at the Hollywood Bowl.

Collette Hanna
Communications Manager
[email protected]

My background in communications and marketing began in the tech industry. I later stumbled upon economic development and the concept of place-marketing – which I love.

I was able to market regions to bring jobs, site Fortune 500 companies in the community, promote and build consensus around downtown development plans, and impact public policy to benefit businesses.

I believe the Strategic Plan for Economic Development will be the catalyst for change among underserved communities in the county – something I am deeply passionate about.

While I love communications, I’m also a data geek and love understanding people’s impacts on the economy. So, that means I have a B.A. in Economics (from San Diego State University). Because I love business – especially small business and the entrepreneur’s mindset – I also have an MBA (from Pepperdine University).

I’m a native Angeleno, and it’s exciting to see all that’s happening from the new Expo Line which can take me from DTLA to DTSM, to the new coffee houses popping up everywhere. But my latest passion is heading to the Arts District with my family, for a hole in the wall spot for pie, or to the BEST sausage kitchen, or for an event at a social and workspace hub that’s making a huge impact – DTLA is the place to be!

Samuel Marquez
Program Manager
[email protected]

As the Program Manager for Propel L.A., I oversee engagement and outreach to our internal and external stakeholders, as well as our civic and community partners.

I received my undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside (UCR). Previously, I worked at the Southern California Leadership Network, where I oversaw logistics and program development for three civic leadership fellowships.

A native of LA County, I believe the Strategic Plan for Economic Development is a roadmap to a better future for everyone in the region, and I am excited for the new partnerships, innovations, and opportunities the Plan will generate to make LA County an even greater place to live!

My favorite part of living in LA County is visiting new communities, trying new cuisines, and meeting new people from all over the world.

Pisacha Wichianchan
Data Analyst
[email protected]

My story exemplifies much of Los Angeles County. An immigrant and a first-generation college graduate, I work with Propel L.A. to cultivate broad-based prosperity for all residents and businesses in the County.

As Data Analyst, I track the progress in achieving the 7 Goals of the Countywide Strategic Plan through data collection, analysis, and presentation. I had served in various nonprofit, government, and consulting capacities prior to joining Propel L.A.

I am a Political Science graduate from UC Berkeley, so naturally, I revel in my alma mater and in political satire (in that order). My talents include drinking an exorbitant amount of coffee and discerning convoluted parking signage throughout Los Angeles County. When not staring at ggplot2, I volunteer at a local citizenship clinic and thoroughly enjoy all things outdoors from biking to kayaking.

Propel L.A. Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is comprised of leaders from academia, and public and private sectors, with broad expertise in areas that influence ongoing implementation and direction. Their knowledge and expertise help with strategic direction to help implement the 7 Goals of the Plan.

The Advisory Council meets annually and as-needed throughout the year.

Belinda Allen, Executive Director, West Angeles Community Development Corporation

Kate Anderson, Director Center for Strategic Public-Private Partnerships, Los Angeles County Office of Child Protection

Daniel Blake, PhD, Economist (Retired), Cal State Northridge

Anne Davis, Research Director, Working Nation

Renne Fraser, PhD, CEO Fraser Communications

John Garcia, Program Officer Education & Housing, California Community Foundation

Billie Greer, The Southern California Leadership Council (Retired)

Jocelyn Guihama, Deputy Director, UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy

Rusty Hicks, President, LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

Ricky Hodge, Dean CTE/Workforce Development, LA Southwest College

Maarten Lobker, Director Brand Strategy and Management, Kaiser Permanente

Manuel Pastor, PhD Director USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity, USC

Kenn Phillips, CEO, Valley Economic Alliance

Tara Roth, President, Goldhirsch Foundation/LA 2050

Chris Tilly, PhD, Professor of  Urban Planning, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

Zev Yaroslavsky, Director of Los Angeles Initiative, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs