Our transition to an information-age economy presents new challenges.

Working Nation’s Slope of the Curve visually depicts the challenges facing our workforce today.

Economic transitions and the speed at which they are moving require us to address the questions our community is facing.

  • How will our region quickly adapt to take advantage of economic changes?
  • How do we foster sustained regional prosperity?
  • How do we ensure that prosperity is distributed equitably, so the economically distressed share in the “American Dream”?

The seven (7) goals of the Strategic Plan answer these questions with a focus on the following solutions:

  1. Increase the supply of qualified labor.
  2. Grow demand: create new markets through exports, business friendly practices, and foreign direct investment
  3. Catalyze innovation to grow sectors and create entirely new ones.
  4. Strengthen competitiveness of sectors through industry cluster development.

7 Goals

Invest in Our People
Strengthen Export-Oriented Industries
Accelerate Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Be More Business Friendly
Remove Barriers to Critical Infrastructure Development
Increase Global Connectedness
Build More Livable Communities

Many Voices

More than 500 stakeholder organizations came together in 26 focus groups to give input to this 2016-2020 Strategic Plan for Economic Development

1 Purpose

To capture the power of many to propel economic equity and prosperity for all.

Download the full Strategic Plan (pdf).

Propel L.A.  will help to ensure that the goals, objectives and strategies of the Strategic Plan are implemented by supporting the good work of hundreds of community partners, scaling up initiatives that have regional impact, and filling in gaps in the Plan’s completion, as needed.

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