Build More Livable Communities

 “Community” is at the core of our mission, our 1 Purpose:  To raise standards of living for all our Los Angeles County residents by ensuring a strong, diverse, and sustainable economy.

Advance physical and mental wellness for individual residents

Address homelessness by providing supportive services, such as mental health and job training services, along with housing initiatives


  • Engaged the county’s homeless population by deploying homeless outreach teams on the Metro System to offer services and housing information.
  • Metro Homeless Action Plan that includes two “County-City-Community” (C3) teams to engage homeless individuals on the Metro system to ultimately get them into services. These C3 teams consist of nurses, substance abuse counselors, mental health clinicians, former homeless individuals and other outreach workers seeking to help homeless people who shelter within Metro’s stations, trains and buses.

City of Los Angeles

  • Mayor Garcetti Breaks Ground on First Housing Development Funded by Proposition HHH
  • First permanent supportive housing complex financed by Proposition HHH, the voter-approved mandate that will help the City build 10,000 units of housing for homeless Angelenos over the next decade. Proposition HHH authorizes the City to issue up to $1.2 billion for the construction of permanent supportive housing and facilities for the homeless.

Promote a legislative, regulatory and policy environment that supports key clusters

Advocate for tax, legal, permit and regulatory regimes beneficial to key traded clusters, and oppose local, state and federal legislation that would harm key traded clusters


Launched Policy Committee, with two meetings held in 2017. Policy Committee will help advocate for legislation beneficial to LA region’s key traded clusters.

Speakers included State Senator Ben Allen and ASM Al Muratsuchi.

  • AB 427 – Authored by ASM Muratsuchi. As introduced, would establish the California Aerospace Commission to foster the development of activities in California related to aerospace, including, but not limited to, aviation, commercial and governmental space travel, unmanned aerial vehicles, aerospace education and job training, infrastructure and research launches, manufacturing, academic research, applied research, economic diversification, business development, tourism, and education.