Be more business friendly

Business “friendliness”, or “unfriendliness”, is not something that can be easily measured. Yet, we have the opportunity to develop policies that lay a welcome mat to businesses looking to locate or expand in our region.

Cut red tape and keep costs of doing business competitive with other regions.

Provide easily accessible, online information regarding tax and other incentives, site selection services and procurement opportunities.

Los Angeles County, Chief Executive Office

Los Angeles County launches comprehensive portal to display available commercial and industrial sites throughout the entire County of Los Angeles region.

The website, www.LocateLACounty.com utilizes a real estate listings feed, and a flexible set of filters to find locations by zoning, square feet, proximity to desired geographies, and numerous other criteria a business specifies.  Demographic and workforce data are available within a selectable radius of the listed sites, and nearby businesses are also displayed on the mapping interface, to show competitors and suppliers, for example.

Provide businesses with certain fee waivers, especially small businesses that support well-paying jobs, as well as adopt strategies to help employers balance the costs and benefits of increases in minimum wages.

LA County, Office of the Assessor

An estimated 50,000 small business owners across the County were impacted by the County Assessor’s Office raising the minimum reporting threshold from $2,000 to $5,000. It provides approximately $3.4 million in tax relief each year for small business owners.

 Implement industry-targeted incentives, special zones and other programs for key industries.

Establish one-stop centers for technical, financial and regulatory assistance for small businesses, leveraging technical and financial support from the private sector.

Los Angeles County, Office of the Assessor

The County Assessor’s Office has created a One-Stop Public Service Counter at the Hall of Administration. Staff from the Office of the Assessor, the Department of the Auditor-Controller, and the Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector were cross-trained to assist taxpayers with a range of issues pertaining to the property tax system, assisting over 50,000 people thus far.