The 2016-2020 Countywide Strategic Plan for Economic Development is centered around 7 Goals, developed by Many Voices, with 1 Purpose:
to capture the many voices to propel economic impact and equity.

Through partnership with regional stakeholders, Propel L.A. works to capture the power of many to propel economic impact and equity throughout LA County in ways that touch all of our residents. We empower organizations – as a connector and amplifier – to support their efforts to fulfill the goals and strategies of the Plan.
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Propel L.A. connects with the community

Propelling LA to Economic Success: The Future of Work

November 16 11:30 am – 1:30 pm at City Club Los Angeles

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Featured Voices

“Any good designer knows that understanding a system they seek to improve is critical to success. But understanding it as a designer is not sufficient. To create a truly great system, you must empathize with the user. At the Office of Extraordinary Innovation we believe that riding the system is crucial to understanding how best to improve it. And that does not just mean riding to and from work, which offers a narrow view.”


Metro launches Ride Along program.

Data & Metrics

Key to the success of the Countywide Strategic Plan for Economic Development is tracking and measurement of our 7 Goals, and the overall health of the LA County economy – Measuring Success. Propel L.A. tracks key data and metrics as indicators of our plan’s impact, as well as the county’s growth – in comparison to itself over time, other regions, the state, and the country.

  • GDP by Region
  • Unemployment Rates
  • Poverty Rates
  • Median Household Income
  • Per Capita Personal Income